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2017 State of Digital Publishers'
Fight Against NHT

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The digital advertising marketplace is under sustained attack from increasingly sophisticated Non Human Traffic (NHT) (aka Bots) that divert, steal, and defraud billions of dollars a year.

According to a new study by The 614 Group, 78% of digital publishers identify NHT post campaign, and 39% proactively block it outright--just one of many revelations collected from surveying over forty digital publishers’ about their daily battle to combat digital ad fraud.

Watch our discussion led by The 614 Group and Distil Networks with commentary from industry luminaries.  

Key Takeaways include:

  • Insights from top digital publishers on the impact of NHT on their businesses, NHT countermeasures, and the impact of these countermeasures on their bottom line
  • Understand why the impact of the even 3% or 5% of NHT that lands on a site is even greater than that amount
  • Participate in a conversation on how we can understand the impact of NHT at a campaign level or in other words how does NHT actually affect your clients
  • The differences between NHT “blocking” and “auditing”, and key use cases for each


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