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The number of bad bots has grown exponentially in recent years, causing varied levels of harm to all Internet stakeholders. Individual Internet users experience poor performance and often lose control of their own connected device; businesses see their online intellectual property, content, and data stolen while facing unnecessarily high bandwidth fees; and any organization or person who relies on one or more websites to perform its mission increasingly faces bot-driven obstacles to success. 

In the 2014 Annual Bad Bot Report, Distil Networks identifies the trends and changes of bad bot activity over the past year. This report serves as the industry standard of defining malicious attacks and reporting on bad bot origins and makeup to help organizations prepare for, and mitigate, this rapidly accelerating security threat.

Download this report and learn:

  • Breakdown of highest bot traffic by country
  • The worst bot offender of the past year
  • Which industry has the highest volume of bad bot activity
  • Time of day where websites are most vulnerable from malicious bot attacks
In today‚Äôs world of big data and analytics, the demand for unique and meaningful content is endless. 
As revenue potential grows, online data companies increasingly fall victim to content theft and copyright infringement at the hands of automated bots designed to access and scrape away Web-accessible data.
 Download this white paper to learn how bots affect online data companies and a variety of key topics including:

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